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Running a business online is great - less overheads, less barriers to entry and quicker results.  All this is true, but to get noticed online can be difficult without the right marketing.
Having fresh, quality content is what gets you noticed by visitors and search engines alike.  I have had many online businesses, and when I discovered that good content was where I should put my focus, I started writing my own articles.  This was great but very time consuming.  Living in London and being a native English speaker myself, the words just flowed, but I wasn't spending my time effectively.  
I was working in my business (more specifically for my website) rather than working on my business.  So the next step was trying to outsource my article writing to a professional.  I spoke to a few copywriters and the charges were upwards of £45 per article!  Now they all had the qualifications and experience at writing for some larger copy houses and some were even ex-journalists.  But this was like being offered an Armani suit when you only have £80 in your pocket.  Bottom line - it wasn't affordable.
My search continued.  I approached offshore writers but got fed up with pulling my hair out.  I spent more time correcting their grammatical errors than I needed to.  I returned to Western Europe and built up a team of quality article writers.  Some wrote their own blogs, some were ex English teachers, some were in other professions.  But they all had two things in common.  They wrote great content and took pride in their work.
Having gone through over 75 different writers, I found, tested and hired a core team.  I decided then that I could help others to avoid finding themselves in the same position I was in almost 2 years ago.  I have been through the time-consuming search for good writers, the painstaking process of hiring and firing poor writers and more hassles than you can imagine.  
Thus GetAnArticle was born.  I've done all this so you don't have to.  You can rely on us to give you exactly what you want, the first time you ask for it: 
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GetAnArticle represents great value for money web copy. I've just ordered a batch of 15 articles and they've come through quicker than I was expecting.

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